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Check out our recent book release: The Ultimate Italian Wine Tour Pocket Guide & our upcoming book releases. 
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The Italian Wine Connoisseur.  A 7-Day Guide to Mastering Italian Wines

The Italian Wine Connoisseur.  A 7-Day Guide to Mastering Italian Wines

In this seven-day guide you will gain a simple-to-digest lesson on Italian wines, taking you from any starting point, to being able to select, taste, pair and pour an outstanding Italian variety. If you are currently at a fairly average stage in your wine knowledge and need a book where a plane ticket to Italy is not required, then this book is for you.

Do you need the skills to be able to deliver the right bottle of wine for all social occasions, and start to raise your game from just Pinot Grigio or Merlot? Then we are here for you. Drinking and sharing wine is one of life’s great pleasures, and even better if you know what on earth you’re doing. And we plan to get you to exactly that point with clear explanations, visual maps and example wines to add to your growing collections.

Rome: a Travel Journal and Colouring Book
Looking for the perfect travel companion for your next trip to Italy? Look no further than our brand-new set of travel journals!
With wonderfully simple, well-designed pages, room for sketches, hot tips and space for your Polaroid snaps, this journal will help you capture every moment of your Italian adventure. Whether savouring delicious gelato in Rome or exploring the canals of Venice, these journals will help you reflect on your experiences and create lasting memories of your time in Italy.
Whether you're a seasoned traveller or exploring Italy for the first time, with or without an Italian wine in hand, our journal is the perfect, fun way to document your journey.
Rome: a Travel Journal and Colouring Book
The Ultimate Italian Wine Tour Pocket Guide
This is the second in the I Love Italy. Wine instalment of fun and fact-filling your pockets about the world of Italian wine. As if our previous wisdom wasn’t too much already, we are back this year with the next book in our series - the ultimate guide for wine enthusiasts looking to explore the vineyards of Italy in person. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the picturesque landscapes of Piemonte, this is the perfect handbook to take on the trip, but also beforehand to learn the journey ahead of the country's most iconic and historic vineyards. That old saying still applies to the best holidays - if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.
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