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About Us

Making wine simple... and fun!

We are the group, a close-knit community of wine enthusiasts who love to share our passion with others.
Through our adventures in the aisles of supermarkets and the vineyards of Italy and attending wine courses and classes, we have gained valuable knowledge about wine that we want to share with our readers.
While we can't help with everything, we are dedicated to helping people make more intelligent decisions regarding wine.
We believe that wine is unmatched in its majesty, and we want to simplify the world of wine for our loyal followers.

an italian vineyard with hill slopes in the sun

Great minds drink alike 

A little more about us:
The desire to find some sort of etiquette around the wine world late into our 30's, united us as a group of friends; to learn more and take a fun approach to wine expertise. We were a group of friends who frequently enjoyed wine together anyway, so thought 'Why not make this something for others to enjoy?'
After a few evenings on the Chianti, we planned the first book, which takes care of the geography of wine, dinner party choices and the grape and culture stuff too.  

We plan to stay on this journey together as long as our real lives allow it, we assure you of that, and will share our Italian wine stories as frequently and as simply as we possibly can! 

Meet The Team

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